What Are Door Casings?

The trim that borders a door structure is called casing, and it's always installed before baseboard as well as chair rail because they have to butt against it. Casing is likewise the most convenient kind of molding to set up since the joinery is simple, making it an ideal very first project.

Walls and also door housings have similar setup methods. This schedules in part because both applications can utilize the exact same product: 5/8-by -2 1/4-inch molding. It can be described as either casing when it's used around a door or wall when it's applied to the flooring, but it's the same thing.

To better comprehend the type of door cases that could be best for your home, it aids to understand the difference between mitered and butted door cases.

Mitered coverings connect the three standard parts-- side items and also header covering-- utilizing angled (mitered) joints. Mitered coverings can be simple as well as flat or more elaborate, consisting of bigger choices which contain detailed information.

Butted casings incorporate two side covering boards with a bigger head casing that rests straight on top. The large head casing often tends to attract the eye upwards, making this design a great option for houses with high ceilings. This effect can be better improved by utilizing elaborate patterns or information in the head case.


Door Casings (MDF) 17lft/pc

2-1/2" (MDF32A)


Size: 5/8 x 2-1/2 Newport 

Price: $0.35/lft 

***In Stock***

120MULS (MDF234A)


Size: 9/16 x 2-1/4 RE 

Price: $0.42/lft  

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102LDFS (MDF256A)


Size: 9/16 x 1-9/16 Bevel

Price: $0.51/lft

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107MULS (MDF423A)



Size:  5/8 x 1-5/8 711

Price: $0.48/lft

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121MULS (MDF419A)



Size: 5/8 x 2 Clamshell

Price: $0.59/lft

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152MULS (MDF239A)



Size: 5/8 x 2-1/4 Colonial

Price: $0.63/lft

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158MULS-2S (MDF027A)



Size:  11/16 x 2-1/4 Flute & Reed  **16ft/pc**

Price: $0.65/lft

***Special Order***

162LDFS (MDF251A)



Size:  5/8 x 2-1/4 366

Price: $0.56/lft

***Special Order***

132MULS (MDF013A)



Size:  11/16 x 2-7/16 Carolina

Price: $0.86/lft

***Special Order***

167MULS (MDF008A)



Size: 11/16 x 2-7/16 Santa Fe

Price: $0.86/lft

***Special Order***

178MULS (MDF367A)



Size:  3/4 x 2-7/16 Howe

Price: $0.88/lft

***Special Order***

108MULS (MDF424A)



Size: 5/8 x 2-1/2 711

Price: $0.65/lft

***Special Order***

110MULS (MDF249A)



Size: 5/8 x 3-1/2 Three Step

Price: $0.72/lft

***Special Order***

128MULS (MDF551A)



Size: 11/16 x 2-1/2 Malibu

Price: $0.87/lft

***Special Order***

137MULS (MDF586A)



Size: 5/8 x 2-1/2 Carmel

Price: $0.79/lft

***Special Order***

150MULS (MDF170A)



Size: 5/8 x2-1/2 Boston/Cap Cod

Price: $0.70/lft

***Special Order***

157MULS (MDF553A)



Size: 1-1/4 x 2-1/2 La Jolla

Price: $1.40/lft

***Special Order***

159MULS (MDF35A)



Size: 1 x2-1/2 Lancaster

Price: $1.17/lft

***Special Order***

130MULS (MDF238A)



Size: 5/8 x 1-5/8 Moulded Casing

Price: $0.61/lft

***Special Order***

164MULS (MDF587A)



Size: 1-1/4 x 2-1/2 Bell Court

Price: $1.42/lft

***Special Order***

169MULS (MDF262A)



Size: 11/16 x 2-1/2 Victorian

Price: $0.88/lft

***Special Order***

168MULS (MDF71A)



Size: 3/*4 x 2-5/8 Belmont

Price: $0.93/lft

***Special Order***

125MULS (MDF550A)



Size: 11/16 x 2-7/8 Newport

Price: $0.81/lft

***Special Order***

119MULS (MDF174A)



Size: 11/16 x 2-7/8 Solana 

Price: $0.98/lft

***Special Order***


Tips for Choosing Door Casings

Start Where You Are

While door casings add building passion, business alert, "balance is important for visual success." Simply put, it is very important to choose door casings that closely match or complement your existing base moulding, window casings, crown moulding, etc. Unless you are preparing to alter every one of the trim throughout your cooking area or washroom, it's finest to take style hints from what you already have.

As an example, if your baseboards and also home window trim are level as well as mitered, your door housings need to do the same. Likewise make sure to match the density of the instance molding you're taking into consideration to the casing around home windows or other doors in the space.

Think about the Design of Your Residence

Some building styles produce an air of procedure that requires more elaborately made trim alternatives. Victorian homes, as an example, are renowned for their complex woodwork, rising ceilings, as well as stylish crown moulding. Ranch-style residences, on the various other hand, tend to be a lot less official, using basic trim lines that create an informal feel and look. Let the design of your home on the outside dictate trim choices on the inside to develop a cohesive appearance.

Don't Be Afraid to Include Your Own Style

If you plan to change every one of the door casings in a specific area, feel free to get a little innovative with your choices. Make notes on designs you like as well as bring home samples to obtain a feeling of exactly how they could work in your room. You could likewise discover making use of some of the existing moulding profiles, but select a various product or color design to put your very own spin on it. Change out simple white door casings with solid timber choices in your choice of tarnish.

Get Aid from the Experts

Rather than roaming via a residence enhancement store or lumber lawn looking for matching situation moulding, check out a door casing specialist like Cabinets Now, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visiting a display room where you can talk with educated specialists will provide you the opportunity to ask inquiries and even obtain samples to take residence.

There's no doubt that there's a lot of selections when it concerns adding door coverings to your residence. Understanding door casing terminology as well as using your existing moulding as a referral ought to offer you a wonderful beginning point to begin your search for simply the right door cases for your home.

Whether you're searching for special moulding alternatives or want affordable moulding for each space in your house, Cabinets Now, LLC offers a huge selection of in-stock trim, moulding, walls, crown moulding, door cases and far more.

181MULS (MDF548A)



Size:  1 x 2-9/16 Venice

Price: $1.22/lft

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127MULS (MDF72A)



Size:  5/8 x 3 Del Mar

Price: $1.04/lft

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165MULS (MDF139A)



Size: 3/4 x 3 Las Vegas

Price: $1.05/lft

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161MULS (MDF453A)



Size:  3/4 x 3-1/4 Cal Classic

Price: $1.12/lft

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160MULS (MDF36A)



Size:  1-3/16 x 3-3/16 Lancaster

Price: $1.80/lft

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176MULS (MDF242A)



Size: 9/16 x 3-1/4 Colonial

Price: $1.10/lft

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180MULS (MDF555A)



Size: 1-3/16 x 3-3/8 Venice

Price: $1.87/lft

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129MULS (MDF77A)



Size: 3/4 x 3-1/4 Malibu

Price: $1.10/lft

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133MULS (MDF585A)



Size: 11/16 x 3-1/4 Carolina

Price: $1.08/lft

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139MULS (MDF236A)



Size:  9/16 x 3-1/4 RE

Price: $1.12/lft

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170MULS (MDF380A)



Size:  1 x 3-1/4 ER

Price: $1.53/lft

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126MULS (MDF73A)



Size:  1 x3-1/2 Belmont

Price: $1.64/lft

***Special Order***

155MULS (MDF395A)



Size: 11/16 x 3-1/2 Victorian/Cape Cod

Price: $1.22/lft

***Special Order***

166MULS (MDF032A)



Size:  1 x 3-1/2 Santa Fe

Price: $1.66/lft

***Special Order***

173MULS (MDF588A)



Size:  1-1/4 x 3-1/2 Crescent

Price: $1.98/lft

***Special Order***

177MULS (MDF387A)



Size:  1-1/16 x 3-1/4 Howe

Price: $1.65/lft

***Special Order***

147MULS (MDF31A)



Size: 1-3/16 x 3-1/2 Savannah

Price: $1.97/lft

***Special Order***

158MULS-3S (MDF386A)



Size: 5/8 x 3-3/8 Flute & Reed **16ft/pc**

Price: $0.98/lft

***Special Order***

175MULS (MDF75A)



Size:  7/8 x 3-3/4 Corinthian

Price: $1.80/lft

***Special Order***

143MULS (MDF534A)



Size:  1-3/16 x 4-/14 Jamestown

Price: $2.38/lft

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135MULS (MDF124A)



Size: 11/16 x 3-1/4 Monterey

Price: $1.12/lft

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136MULS (MDF126A)



Size: 13/16 x 4-1/4 Monterey

Price: $1.12/lft

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140MULS (MDF76A)



Size: 7/8 x 4-1/4 Corinthian

Price: $2.10/lft

***Special Order***

144MULS (P5455PPR)



Size: 1-1/16 x 5-1/2 Craftsman Heather **16ft/pc**

Price: $2.50/lft

***Special Order***