S-101 Oval Vanity Sink (Topmount)


Size: 20"x18"

Price: $30

(In Stock)

S-102 Oval Vanity Sink (Undermount)


Size: 19-1/4"x16-1/8"

Price: $30

(In Stock)

S-105 Square Vanity Sink (Undermount)


Size:  20-5/8"x17-3/4" 

Price: $45

(In Stock)

S-106 Square Vanity Sink (Topmount)


Size: 20-5/8"x17-3/4"

Price: $55

(In Stock)

S-107 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 16"x16"x4-3/4"

Price: $75

(IN Stock)

S-108 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 16-1/2"x16-1/2"x6-7/8"

Price: $65

(In Stock)

S-110 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 22-7/8"x15"x7-1/2"

Price: $79

(In Stock)

S-119 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 16-1/8"x16-1/8"x6-5/16"

Price: $85/pc

(In stock)

S-120 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 24-3/8"x13-3/4"x6-1/8"

Price: $99

(In Stock)

S-121 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 18-1/8"x16-3/8"x6-7/8"

Price: $99

(In stock)

S-122 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 24"x15-9/16"x5-7/8"

Price: 109

***(Back Order)***

S-123 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 27-3/4"x16-1/8"x5-1/8"

Price: $99

(In Stock)

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Every bathroom has its essentials; countertops, cabinets, tubs, toilets and faucets. When it comes to a bathroom, a sink is a necessity. Call Cabinets Now Las Vegas today at 702-220-6688 or stop in to our showroom to get started with your bathroom sink purchase today. 

Not sure exactly what you want or need? Our bathroom sink experts can help! We have every shape, size, color and finish imaginable. Our products also have matching faucets to get that finished look for your bathroom. No matter what you need for your bathroom upgrades, we have it here. If something you see is not in stock, no problem! We can order the product and have it within a few business days to complete your project!


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Cabinets Now LLC Las Vegas is proud to offer the most cost effective bathroom cabinets, prefabricated granite countertops, quartz countertops, baseboards, sinks, faucets, laminate flooring and hardware for customers in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. Our staff will discuss your remodeling needs. We can help you decide which bathroom faucets go with which bathroom sinks and what would look best for all your sink choices.

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S-124 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 16-7/10"x16-7/10"x5-1/10"

Price: $75

(In Stock)

S-127 Vessel Sink (Above counter mounting)


Size: 17-11/16"x17-11/16"x4-1/8"

Price: $85

(In Stock)

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